Manage Your Allergy Symptoms with a KenalogⓇ Steroid Injection

If you’re one of the millions of people in the United States who greets spring with mixed feelings, thanks to hay fever, there’s good news. We offer a steroid injection called KenalogⓇ that takes the teeth out of spring allergies, allowing you to get out and enjoy this season of renewal.

At Express Lane Urgent Care, we see our fair share of patients from the Turlock, California, area who come to us each spring (and fall) with symptoms that range from sneezing and watery eyes to body aches and sinus problems. To help keep these symptoms at bay, we offer a steroid injection — Kenalog — that can provide months of relief.

Here’s a look at how we can manage your seasonal allergy symptoms with Kenalog.

Seasonal allergies 101

In order to better understand how we can manage your allergies with a simple injection, let’s take a look at what happens to your body when seasonal allergies strike. The main driver behind seasonal allergies is a reaction to the pollen flying around in the air, which is most prevalent in the springtime (though fall allergies are also common).

Your body, for reasons unknown, regards pollen as a dangerous invader, which is what kicks your immune system into action. The first step in this response is the release of histamines, which are what make you cough, sneeze, and tear up as you body attempts to expel the foreign substance.

These histamines also create inflammation in order to signal your immune system to step up its involvement, and this reaction is what can cause more serious responses, like difficulty breathing and those flu-like symptoms.

Kenalog fights inflammation

While spot medications can offset some of your symptoms, the fact is that your allergic response has already begun, which makes it harder to reverse. To stop your symptoms from developing in the first place we offer Kenalog, which contains triamcinolone acetonide, a corticosteroid hormone that prevents inflammation.  

Kenalog is a long-acting steroid injection that slowly releases the steroid into your system over the course of three months, preventing your body from responding to allergens with inflammation.

The Kenalog injection works systemically, which means your entire body is primed against inflammation. This is important because allergies affect people in different ways. So with this blanket approach, we can help the person who suffers from congestion as much as the person who experiences rashes or hives.

Most people tolerate the treatment very well, though you may experience some temporary soreness at the site of the injection. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, we may try a different approach to your seasonal allergies, depending upon your medical history.

There are also some side effects that come with steroid use, such as increased appetite and sleep issues, and we’ll review them with you when you come in.

If you’d like to take back control of your life in every season, give us a call or just walk-in to find out about our Kenalog injections for seasonal allergies.

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